Sun, 20 May 2007

A Letter to Conspiracists

I wrote this letter to a Ron Paul mailing list. I received so much positive response to it, that I'm posting it here. Ron Paul's campaign is striking a chord, and attracting supporters from everywhere. Some of these new supporters are conspiracy theorists. This is my letter to them.

Re: Conspiracy Convention From: David Johnson To: On Saturday 19 May 2007, Xxxxxx wrote: > Is anyone going to the Conspiracy Convention this weekend?

I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but I know some of you do. Please hear me out. If we want to get Ron Paul elected, then we cannot have him get labeled a conspiracist. It doesn't matter how right his message is, no one will listen to it if they think he's a nut.

Did some of you tune me out when you read the word "nut"? Well guess what? When people see the word "zionist", they tune out! It's racist. When people see the phrase "9/11 truth", they tune out. When people see the words "Bilderberger" or "Trilateralist", they tune out. Heck, they even tune out when the see the words "Council on Foreign Relations", and that's an organization that's not even secret!

It is my firm and unwavering belief that evil men are capable of doing evil things without having to resort to conspiracies to explain it. Really, they are. It doesn't matter whether the government is being controlled by a secret cabal of masters or not, it is STILL the same government: bloated, unjust, oppressive, subjugating. Focusing on the conspiracies only misdirects your attentions away from the real problem: the government is bloated, unjust, oppresive and subjugating!

It is a diversion, a diversion that dilutes and diminishes the message. The message that we supporters need to be spreading is one of limited government and individual freedom. Do not diminish that message, please.

Thank you.