Fri, 17 Aug 2007

NAU Nonsense

Will these conspiracies never stop coming? Now my mother is sending me links regarding the North American Union conspiracy. Sheesh.

There are a lot of dots behind the NAU theory, and those dots are indeed dangerous. NAFTA is a horrible trade agreement (that has nothing to do with "free trade"). It's highways are financial boondoggles. The SPP has been given more power than it ought, and needs congressional oversight. And as always, the CFR is still a bunch of nefarious globalists. Those dots are real and deserve genuine concern. But the connections the conspiracists draw between then are pure delusional fantasy.

It is impossible for the NAU to happen in secret. It cannot happen without lots of treaties, lots of congressional bickering, and a constitutional amendment. None of this is happening. It has not even started.

All this energy expended on "uncovering" the NAU conspiracy, could have been spent promoting the idea of genuine Free Trade.

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