Sat, 12 Jan 2008

Are you, or Have You Ever Been, a Paleolibertarian?

The Ron Paul newsletter has been all but ignored by the mainstream media. But the cosmotarians have picked up on this as an excuse for an all out purge of the less-than-moderates in the libertarian ranks.

There is list of the witch hunters on Timothy Sandefur's blog. Reading through those postings, how can you call it anything other than a purge? They are calling for the ousting of everyone associated with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, stretching so far as to include even Walter Williams in that group, for daring to write the introduction to Thomas DiLorenzo's book. Even the father of the modern libertarian movement, Murray Rothbard, is not immune. This isn't new of course. Many of the same players were involved in the 1984 split in the Libertarian Party.

I hate taking sides, but that does not stop me from looking on in horror at the cosmotarians gathering faggots for the stakes. God forbid that a libertarian message escape their cloisters.