Sun, 15 Jul 2007

Ron Paul Rally

I got to the rally early, and helped direct traffic. There was some confusion from Google Security as to where we could park, but that situation was resolved. When Ron Paul arrived and parked, I headed down to the rally. Joe Banister was finishing up, and Mr. Griffin started. He talked about damned conspiracy crap. At least he was only allowed to spew for ten minutes. Then Justin Raimondo spoke, to bring back some sane rhetoric.

Then Ron Paul came down! People stood and cheered. The good Dr. Paul talked on the proper role of the President and Federal Government, the monetary system, foreign policy, government secrecy, and individual liberty. "The purpose of government is to protect that right [life and liberty], not to meddle in it!"

After his speech, there was a lunch fundraiser at Michael's Restaurant at Shoreline Park. Ron Paul spoke again, talking about the campaign and growing support.