Sat, 26 Jan 2008

Too Many Anarchists!

You would think that anarchists would be a fairly homogenous group. They might favor different bands, watch different television shows, and partake of different cuisines, but politcally they would all pretty much be the same. I mean, once you separate the anti-state anarchists from the anti-hierarchy anarchists, there don't seem to be more faults to cleave.

But you would be wrong. In a post in the comment section of his "Take the A-Train" article, RadGeek lists an impressive number of them:

So the term includes not only Rothbardian anarcho-capitalists (which I'm not one of), but also agorists (such as Brad Spangler), voluntaryists (such as Wendy McElroy), Proudhonian anarchists, American equitists and mutualists such as Josiah Warren or Stephen Pearl Andrews, and the voluntary socialism or free market anti-capitalism of individualist anarchists such as Benjamin Tucker, Lysander Spooner, Voltairine de Cleyre, or - to move ahead to the modern day - Kevin Carson or Joe Peacott.

And that's just the market anarchists!