The Glooming Isle: Characters

Creating Characters

When creating a character, the player should keep in mind the game location, game style, and the other characters. The game will commence in the city of Cherafir, on the island of Melderyn. The game will range further afield, so the characters shouldn't be firmly tied down to the city. There will be strong sense of the arcane, esoteric and mysterious in the game. Travel to an Earthmaster or Henge Builder site is likely.

Just about any type of character can be used with an adequate background, but I would recommend steering away from the more base occupations, such as ratter or beggar. Scholarly types are encouraged, and multiple Shek Pvar wouldn't be out of line.

Characters should be curious about the unknown, a trait otherwise uncommon in Hârn.

The characters should have a good reason to have left home and be "out adventuring". Why are they caught up in the campaign? Why haven't they settled down, gotten married and had kids? Or if they did, why would they leave their family to go adventuring? Do they have any common background with other player characters?

Please see the Rules page for additional information on creating characters.

For your convenience, here is a HM3 character sheet in PDF format.

Player Characters

Non-Player Characters