The Glooming Isle: Rules

This game will be run with the HarnMaster Third Edition (HM3) rules, with HarnMaster Magic (HMM) and HarnMaster Religion (HMR) rules as supplements. The players will not need a copy of the rules.

Character Creation

Characters may be created by the players or the gamemaster. Characters should have between one and five years of veteran experience. Other levels of experience are acceptable, but please contact the gamemaster first. Sindarin and Khuzdul characters are allowed but may require additional background development.

If the player generates the character, please use the HM3 rules. You may use either the random of the design method, or a mix of the two. The gamemaster trusts all your rolls and calculations, but inexplicable bad luck may follow in the footsteps of improbable characters. If you wish the gamemaster to generate the character, you should submit some guidelines to use. Regardless of who creates the character, the process will be interactive between the player and the gamemaster.

Character submissions need to include a background. This should include a short description of personality and appearance, the character's goals or ambitions, family background, and any close friends or notable enemies. Pages of descriptions are not needed, but there should be at least a few paragraphs on the subject.

Specific Rules