Here's my roleplaying stuff. Hârn adventures and info, world settings, new roleplaying rules, and other assorted miscellanea. A lot of computer games call themselves "roleplaying games", but they're just fooling you. Without the social interaction that comes with face-to-face gaming, you might as well just be playing a high tech solitaire. Oh, pizza and beer help.

Game Space

The Wizard of Draw


Hârn is a fantasy world created by N. Robin Crossby. HârnWorld is a gaming environment suitable for any role-playing game system, including HârnMaster. You can find some of my stuff on Hârn here.


This is my worldbuilding page. Ultana is a fantasy world that tries to remain internally consistant and interesting. It avoids the stereotypes common in many fantasy worlds. It's just getting started, so keep checking back.

Lord of the Rings

Some stuff related to Lord of the Rings and roleplaying.


Some minor stuff that doesn't fit into the bigger categories.